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The self-powered, revolutionary wireless solution feature technology that is
changing the way the automotive industry looks at GPS solutions.
• Self-Powered: Encore is completely self-powered without the need for ancillary power
from a vehicle, external battery, or charger.
• Wireless: Wireless, as in No Wires. Encore is completely self-contained without
installation or communication wires needed.
• No Installation Required: Put Encore in the glove box, console or in a discrete location
within the vehicle without any vehicle installation required.
• Portable: Small, lightweight and with no installation required, Encore is our most portable device ever.
• Safe-T™ Activation Process: Activate the device when you’re ready to use it with
PassTime’s Safe-T™ Activation process. Pull the tab, press the pin, and you’ll be ready to
• Flexible Power Modes: Multiple Power Modes offer flexibility for you to get the
functionality and battery life that fits your needs.
• Advanced Lithium Metal Battery Technology: Encore includes some of the most
advanced battery technology available on the market to give you the small form factor
you want with battery life you need.